United States of America

Studying in USA

In today’s era when times are changing at a great pace it has become an utmost need to take an expertise guidance to choose and pursue your career and education. We act as a helping hand for an applicant by making him/her aware of all the sides of a USA student visa application and by making sure he/she does not become a victim of any kind of delay in visa by filing his/her file correctly.

SUNLAND has guided plethora of students who wished to go to USA for their higher studies   and has further assisted them in settling in the same country after they successfully complete their course.

Admission Requirements

To avoid any delays the applicant is advised to contact SUNLAND as soon as he/she plans to apply for a study visa because the American embassy takes quite a lot time to process a file. Therefore, as soon as the applicant registers with us we just start preparing the file at the earliest.

Following documentation is needed to apply in any university in USA:-
1). Academic credentials
3). Copy of passport
4). Recommendation letter from 2 professors of the last academic institutions.

However, even if the student gets an admission in the course and university of his/her choice there is no surety of visa for him/her. The applicant here also needs to fulfill all the requirements of the immigration Acts and Regulations of the US Consulate. Therefore, after receiving the offer letter from the university, the applicant has to submit all the required documents for further visa processing.

The American universities basically provide 3 types of degrees- bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. You have to possess a degree from lower level if you want to go for the next one. Other than these, some universities also provide many diplomas and certificate courses.

Every educational institution needs certified copies of your degrees and mark sheets and official transcripts from university in a sealed envelope.

Students have to sit in an English ability test- IELTS or TOEFL and has to score according to the requirement of the college or university.

I-20 Requirement

  • The applicant has to pay the minimum fees of the course and college that can vary from nil to USD 500.
  • The applicant has to show the required amount of funds that will cover at least 9 month tuition fees , living costs and health insurance.
  • The candidate will be issued SEVIS ID number that will also enable him/her to set an appointment with the US consulate.

Note : The funds provided can be shown only by a blood relative- parent, sibling, grandparent etc. plus, it should be at least 3 months old. For this purpose following forms are accepted:

  • FDR
  • Savings
  • LIC surrender value
  • PPF
  • GPF
  • Education Loan
  • MIS/RD

Appointment with USA Consulate

The applicant has to keep the following things handy while booking an appointment with the US consulate:-
1). School Code
2). Passport copy
3). SEVIS ID no. issued by College/University.
4). SEVIS FEES of USD 200 on the following LINK


Below mentioned documents are needed to file a visa:

  1. I-20 issued by the College/University
    2. Appointment Receipt – SEVIS I-901 Payment Confirmation receipt of USD 200.
    3. Online fill-able form no DS-160 and the code will be generate . Please click on this LINK for form no DS-160
    4. Code generated (CGI No.) will be taken to either AXIS/ CITI Bank for payment of Embassy fees of USD 160.
    5. Schedule the appointment of Bio Metric and Interview Date. The photograph will be clicked in the Embassy.
    6. Offer letter
    7. All Academics in Original
    8. Proof of sufficient financial means to finance your stay for up to 9 months
    9. Valid Passport