Student Visa

Students who have just cleared 12th standard can go for a college or a university, provided that he/she has scored at least 6 bands in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or PTE (Pearson Test of English). At least one out of these tests is required to get an admission in any Australian institution. Apart from this you must also have adequate amount of funds to support yourself and a health insurance covering your health during your stay in Australia. SUNLAND EDUCATION AND IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS provide services of student visa for any university or college throughout Australia. We arrange all your documents in a perfect order as required and your visa is processed online through ImmiAccount.

  • If you hire an agent make sure the agent should be a REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT of Australia
  • Candidate must have been issued HAP id before uploading the case.
  • Presently all the student visa cases are filed ONLINE and it’s done through ImmiAccount.
  • Electronic confirmation of enrollment (eCoE) is the only accepted evidence of enrollment for processing student visa applications.
  • Processing time for this visa ranges between one to two months.

Normally, an international student is granted a multiple entry visa for the duration of his/her course in Australia. Once a student is enrolled in a course then he/she needs a student visa for the duration of course as mentioned in the enrollment form issued by the college or university. This form is provided to student once he/she clears the college fees and the health coverage charges.

A student visa holder can live and study in Australia as long as his/her course and post-study work are going on. Students can apply for PR after their studies if they fulfill all the requirements of immigration authority.