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Canada has become a very common destination in the world for immigrating and settling down. It is rated as the number one place across the world for permanent residency in a survey by UNO. This survey was conducted on the basis of any factors like lifestyle, environment, career opportunities, crime rate, security etc.

If you are looking for a Canadian visa then You would find a lot of relevant information on this page for the same. Our website will provide you each and every information about the Canadian visas including- skilled visa, permanent residency, student visa, visitor visa, business visa.

Canada Language & Culture

English and French are the two official languages of Canada with the maximum of English speaking population residing there. However, Canada is also known as a land of immigrants as it provided a living and home to the immigrants from every country. Thus, we can say that Canada is a multicultural, multi-religion nation where you can feel like home.


What Canada has to offer to skilled professionals, Businessmen & International Students?

A lot of immigrants are migrating to Canada considering the positive factors of the nation. These    immigrants can be further split into three categories- Investors & Businessmen, Skilled Worker and International Students. These three categories have a maximum number of share in the immigrants ratio in Canada.


What is there for Skilled/professionals Foreigners: 

Due to the skill shortage in Canada there are ample opportunities for the skilled immigrants who wish to find a living there. There are innumerable occupations there with a few that are highly in demand being- Engineering, Healthcare, IT, hotel and tourism industry, Construction works, Service Sector, etc. All the occupations available in Canada are classified as per their skill levels- A,B,C and the immigrants are invited overseas on the basis of their skill level for the skilled work alongside Federal Skilled Worker stream up via PNP(a program in which a particular province invites the immigrant of a particular skill type for themselves and not for any other province).  You can check your skill level in the NOC skill level list of Canada.

Investors & Businessmen: Many business immigration programs are launched by Canada to attract foreign investors in their country. Most of these programs offer PR to the applicant along with his/her family. These applicants have to fulfill all the requirements of the program that involves investing a particular amount in Canada. These kind of applicants are highly invited in the country as they directly contribute to the growth of their economy.

International Students: Being famous for its international standard of education it is a land of some of the most popular and high ranked Universities and colleges in the world. These institutions provide a vast range of academic and vocational courses. The main reason behind being the most preferred country for education and migrating is its peaceful, crime free and safe environment that makes it an ideal place to study. Recently, government has also eased some rules for international students to obtain a permanent residency in Canada as these students are the potential skilled work force to fill their vacancies.


 What are the Immigration Programs in Canada?

According to CIC(The Citizenship and Immigration Canada) – The major reason behind the massive incoming of immigrants in Canada is the launching of many immigration programs for each and every type of skilled worker and these programs are designed after consulting the various industries and cities in Canada. These programs include Express Entry, QSWP, and various PNPs. Every program has a different set of rules and requirements.Below is the list of these programs-

  • Skilled immigrants (Express Entry) Program
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers
  • Canadian Experience Class Program
  • Start-up visa Program
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
  • Self-employed Persons Program
  • Family sponsorship Program
  • Provincial nominees Program
  • Caregivers Program Refugees Program

 Documents Required for Canada PR

What are the key requirements of Canada Immigration?

Different immigration programs have different requirements of documentation as well as formalities. However, there are still some requirements that are common for all the programs. Below are some of such requirements that are common in Express Entry, QSWP, PNP –

  • Language Proficiency: One has to sit for an English or french language proficiency test in order to provide a proof of the command he/she has on the language. For English they can appear in tests like PTE, IELTS, or CELPIP.
  • Education: One has to get his/her educational credentials assessed as per the Canadian standards of education. For this they have to send their transcripts for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) and attach the received report along with application for Immigration.
  • Health and Character requirements: One has to go for a full health check up through the registered panelists to provide a health certificate to the embassy. Plus, one has to get a police clearance certificate not less than 6 months old from the date of submission from their local passport office and provide it to the embassy to prove their character.

There are some other factors also that are considered in the process like- age, work experience, adaptability etc. but they completely depend upon the choice of program and visa type one is going for.


Processing Time for Canada PR Visa

The processing time of an application totally depends upon its type of visa, documentation and the correct filing of the application.

  • Type of immigration program applicable to your profile.
  • Correct and timely filing of the visa application to avoid any rejection or delay in file.
  • Arrangement of documents in a proper manner as asked by the authorities.
  • Taking LMIA if in case the immigrant receives a job offer.


Points based immigration system

The Canadian immigration process operates on a points based system. The points are allocated on different factors like; education, age, work experience and language proficiency etc. once you score a certain number of points, from there on your path and process is decided.

Broadly, there are two types of immigration allowed by Canadian government:

  • The Temporary immigration — Student Visa, Work Permit, Live-in-Caregiver, Canada PR, Visitor/tourist Visa.
  • The Permanent Residency –Skilled Worker Category visa, Business or investors visa, or the Family Sponsorship visa

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