How to Clear Your IELTS Exam?

IELTS Tips to Improve Your Score

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam tests your communication skills for the English language. If you are not a native English speaker and looking to immigrate to English speaking countries, then it become mandatory to clear the IELTS exam and thus, you need to clear the IELTS exam to prove your proficiency in the language. Many universities and companies in English-speaking countries want to check the English communication skills of their students and employees before giving admission or job offers.

Classification of IELTS Exam 

  • IELTS Academic 
  • IELTS General 

There are 4 sections in an IELTS exam and in order to score well, you must approach each section with a different action-plan and technique. At Sunland Education, you will proper guidance and coaching so that can clear this exam easily.

Reading – 60 minutes

For IELTS Academic Reading

It comprises a set of 40 questions referenced from different books, newspapers, journals, and magazines. The text is long and ranges from descriptive and factual to lengthy and analytical.

For IELTS General Reading

It contains text from a wider variety of sources like newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks, and guidelines. However, the text is simple and used in day to day life.


Tips for the Approach

  • Read the passage quickly. Don’t get caught up in understanding each word accurately. You will lose time.
  • Try to understand the topic, writer’s style, his intention, and his target audience. It will help in understanding the logical argument, opinion, and attitude of the writer.
  • Follow the instructions carefully. Some tasks require answers from the text itself and some require you to answer in your own words.

    Writing- 60 minutes

    IELTS for Academic Writing

    It consists of two tasks based on the general topic but specifically for undergraduates and post-graduates.

    Task 1 – you will be given a set of graphs, tables, or diagrams, to interpret and describe the information in your own words.

    Task 2 – you will be required to write a definitive piece in response to an opinion or an argument.

    For IELTS General Writing

    Similar to Academic writing, you would have to write on a regular topic. Firstly, you will be given a scenario, and you will be asked to write a letter either explaining the situation or requesting more information on the same. The second task remains the same.

    Tips for the Approach

    • It is important you analyze the question carefully.
    • Always choose formal style of writing for academic and semi-formal, personal style of writing for the general exam.
    • Task 2 needs more time to respond hence, it carries more marks, so ensure you manage your time well.
    • Don’t make the mistake of explaining the diagram, chart, and graphs in Task 1 of academic writing.

    Listening- 30 minutes

    It’s a test wherein people speak English in a native accent. This part of the test checks your ability to understand the basic idea, opinion, and motive of the speaker. There are 2 sections of conversation and 2 sections of a lecture on the academic and social context each.

    Tips for the Approach

    • Listen to the introduction of each section carefully and identify the speaker(s).
    • Since you get to listen only once, it’s better to note down important information.
    • Make sure you don’t make any grammatical mistakes.

      Speaking – 15 minutes

      This segment focuses on your fluency and ability of expression in the English language. It comprises of three segments – free interview, a short talk, and a structured interview. The free interview is about you. For short talk, you will get a topic to speak and 1 minute preparation time. In the last segment, the examiner will ask question-based on the said topic.

    Tips for the Approach

    • Always gather your thoughts and ideas before you start speaking.
    • Speak in a clear voice at a normal speed.
    • While answering the examiner, your focus should be towards him instead of the recording machine.
    • Even in a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ reply question, it is always better to add a one-line explanation to it.IELTS Coaching

      Tips to Clear IELTS Easily

      1. Make reading as your hobby – Start your mornings with an English newspaper. Make a habit to read anything in English from short stories to novels, poems, magazines whatever you like. It will enhance your vocabulary.

      2. Write a page daily – Writing a daily note or keeping a journal is a good way of practicing writing. Add a timer so that you can improve your writing speed.

      3. Understand Grammar – It is important to understand Basic English grammar, as silly grammar mistakes can be disastrous in the IELTS exam.

      4. Enhance your spoken English Skills – Learn at least one word each day. Understand its meaning and try to use it in your daily life.

      5. Start talking in English – if you want to improve your fluency in English then pick a topic and speak clearly for a few minutes.

      6. Practice Previous IELTS Exam Papers – if you practice previous IELTS exam papers it will help you understand the format and you will be able to clear the exam confidently.

      Why select Sunland Education?

      Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants consist a team of experienced staff that work continuously towards guiding programs specialized in IELTS and spoken English. It provides extensive personalized student/parent counseling and in-house training for clearing IELTS.

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