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Best Immigration Consultants for Canada PR

Khanna is now a day’s considered as the prominent place for visa seekers. It’s becoming a thriving place for immigration and education consultants. There are so many consultancies that have mushroomed all across the city with one trying to outdo the other. A leader however does not believe in outdoing others but believes in providing incomparable and reliable services and leaving behind a legacy of a clean image, transparency and dependency.


Sunland Education And Immigration Consultants is a Leader in the field of Education and Immigration. We firmly believe that our clients are our best ambassadors who promote us in the field by word of mouth. At Sunland Education you are satisfied with our services, but if you are not satisfied with our services, then please tell us. The catch here is that we have the confidence and courage to tell our clients that they will not find a reason for not being satisfied. This ideology not only keeps us self-motivated but we keep challenging ourselves every moment to provide the best services to our esteemed clients.  You can feel the difference between a leader and the flock just like the difference between Sunland Education and the rest the moment you step in to our office. The extremely well versed and cordial staff will immediately make you feel comfortable by explaining to you with complete clarity and transparency all our procedures leaving no cobwebs in your mind.

Canada: A Home Away From Home for Indians

There are some things which we all seem to know. But it is still important, to repeat them from time to time because every time we repeat it, we will find quite a few of us who would not have known it. A similar piece of information is that Canada has been amongst the most favored destinations for Indians. Canada as a country is a dream destination because everything that anyone, especially an Indian, could want in terms of good education, good jobs, self-respect, equality and good living is available in Canada in abundance. For an Indian there is no country on the face of mother earth, better than Canada to re- locate.

“Make Sunland your first destination if Canada is your final destination”.

Canada is like a home away from home for Indians with 3.5 % of the population Canada being Indians who had started to migrate to Canada as early as 1890. Our PR Panel Expert is a specialist when it comes to Canada PR, and has a great track record and a near cent percent success rate. You can rest assured that your case is in safe and extremely competitive hands at Sunland Education and Immigration Consultants.

Ease of Securing a Canadian PR

The Canadian government has put in place streamlined immigration procedures which are all time tested and reformed from time to time. The Canadian team is very professional and is extremely cordial and competent and knows their work and sticks to the procedures and wastes no time. All these are very important parts of the procedural chain which provides ease of securing a Canadian PR. All our clients have cherished their experience with our consultancy and were pleasantly surprised to say the least. Please pay us a visit to check out our credentials and feel the difference between the leader and the rest at Khanna in the field of education and immigration. Be prepared for a great experience with us.


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