Why Study in Europe / Schengen?

Today, almost every country has all the courses from all the fields of education. So, what can be the main difference in studying in your own country and moving to a completely foreign land for education? There are many reasons that would suffice this question of studying in abroad in Europe.

European colleges and universities:

  • One of the reasons to answer the above question is that in Europe the programs are conducted by extremely trained and qualified staff.
  • The size of classrooms and the number of students is very less, enabling individual attention to each student and thus a better learning.
  • Another main plus point of studying in Europe is that if you want to start your medical degree then you can directly get admission in a medical school after your high school studies and thus it saves a lot of time.
  •  Applicants studying in medical stream get their degree in quite less time as compared to other countries.
  • The main benefit is the low cost education. Europe has overall less tuition fees and living costs as compared to all the other famous education destinations.
  • If you are rejected from another country like Australia, Canada, New Zealand then you can easily get accepted in a European country. There are around 26 countries in Europe to choose from.

Therefore, Europe has become extremely affordable and viable option for a student who wants to fulfil his/her dream of studying abroad.


Studying in Europe will equip with all the skills that you can use globally to grow in an economy. It will give you a chance to study in an environment that is multicultural. You can stick to English of course but you also have a chance to completely submerge into a foreign culture.

Below is a list of documents and other formalities that need to be taken care of while filing your visa:-


  • All your documents should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A school leaving certificate, an attested copy of your IELTS certificate
  • A Copy of the attested IELTS, Secondary and High School Certificates with corresponding Mark Sheets.  The School Leaving Certificate is MUST for the student visa.
  • An attested copy of passport that is valid for at least 2 years from the date of beginning of course.
  • An attested original Bank Certificate / Letter, valid for minimum 6 months (A relationship certificate (affidavit) is required if the sponsor is not first degree relative.)
  • Funds of around EURO 7000 should be visible in the sponsor’s account through a bank statement for at least 1 month before filing the application.
  • A police clearance certificate (PCC) proving that you have no criminal record in your country. This certificate is valid for 6 months.
  • A complete medical report from an MBBS doctor who is also the member of immigration panel which must be valid for 4 months or less.