About Australia


  • Capital                                                 :           Canberra
  • Largest City                                         :           Sydney
  • Dialing code                                        :           +61
  • Currency                                              :           Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Type of Country                                  :           Commonwealth Country
  • Population                                           :           24,870,497
  • Official languages:                              :          English
  • Government                                         :           Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • National Animal                                     :          Kangaroo
  • National Bird                                       :                EMU


Australia is the only nation on the globe that is a continent as well. The capital city of Australia is Canberra. It is spread over a distance of 7,617,930 square km thus, claiming to be the biggest island on earth. It also holds a position of being the 6th largest country in the world in land area and being the 14th largest economy in the world. It has the 9th largest industrialized economy in the world and the 15th richest country in per capita terms.

Australia has a well-developed education system with students from all the nations studying in its colleges and universities. These international students are increasingly passing out from the colleges and universities every year. Australia is well known for its high standards of living which i stated as one of the highest in the world. Its clean environment, health services, educational opportunities and standard of living come together to make it a beautiful place to live in. Australia is the one nation that started the system of secret ballot and women voting rights which is now prevalent throughout the world.


An AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT holds the position of 7th most powerful passport on the globe, enabling a person to travel to 183 countries without visa.

Some Amazing facts about Australia are as below:-

  • It is the 3rd most popular destination for the students from all over the world.
  • Australia is the home of 8 of the world’s top 100 educational institutions.
  • Also, it is having 5 out of 30 best cities in the world.
  • 1100 colleges and universities are serving as host for 22,000 different courses in Australia.

It is having the 9th best university system in whole world.